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      Silla Steel Bending Machines


      All Silla Concrete-Steel Bending Machines are equipped with a special device which allows pre-setting of two bending angles in the range between 20 and 220 degrees. The 2 bending speeds in all models can be easily changed and the higher speed allow for a bigger production, especially for stirrup bending. Once the bending is completed the turntable returns automatically to the zero-position. The bending machine, when positioned between two working benches, allows the bending of long rods without necessity of turning them around. The foot-switch can be placed in any position around the bending machine, especially useful when being stirrups. All models come complete with a set of bending rollers and pins, plug and socket, tool kit and foot-switch with flexible cable protection.

      Features & Benefits


      • Gearbox completely produced in Italy with Bronze Gearbox Crown to ensure a long life.

      • Bending Sector Special Device to allow for the automatic pre-setting of two bending angles between 20o and 220o.

      • Optional Special Attachment available to carry out Round Spirals and Large Bows, which allows for a continuous spiral setting.


      • Easy and flexible bending, particularly of difficult long rods and stirrups

      • Versatile Speed and Angle settings

      • Durable & Italian High Quality for extended lifespan of machine.

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