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      Schwing Stetter Separate Placing Booms


      These dedicated distributor booms allow you to place concrete fast and accurately where even a mobile truck mounted pump can't reach. That's because they can be connected directly to one of our stationary or other pumps which could be kilometres away or many floors below.

      These booms are the lightest in the industry. Used in combination with octagonal boom columns, the use of counterweights is no longer necessary so that our separate placing booms can be put up much closer to cranes, walls and formwork than others.

      Features & Benefits


      • Wide area coverage of Concrete
      • Effortless Placement of Concrete to raising towers / structure
      • Light Weight Octagonal tubular Mast
      • Minimal floor space requirement
      • Most booms are Free of Counter weight (counter weight is optional)
      • Modular design  


      • Easy set up times
      • Weight reduction in the placing booms has dramatic impact on handling, installation and the floor slab of buildings itself

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