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      Pramac Lifter Manual Stacker


      Pramac Lifter Manual Stackers offer an excellent compromise between price and performance. A strong product, the Manual Stacker has reinforced forks, steel pulley and forks precisely driven by rollers. The machine is also equipped with a foot pedal to lift forks, which considerably reduces the operator’s effort.

      Features & Benefits


      • Load Capacity: 500-1000 kg
      • Lift Height: 910 - 1510 mm
      • Fork Length: 1150 mm


      • Strong and High Capacity with reinforced roller driven forks and steel pulleys.
      • Foot plate allows for easier raising of the forks without load.
      • A big chain and a strong steel pulley ensure great resistance and reliability even working with the max load capacity.
      • Forks are precision guided by 4 steel rollers moving along the mast.   
      • Ergonomic handle fitted with plastic cover.
      • All the controls (lowering / neutral / lifting) are available in a single lever for simple and safe control          
      • When maximum load capacity is exceeded, the oil pressure exceeds its maximum limit and the valve automatically stops the forks from lifting to avoid possible structural damage.

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