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      Pramac Lifter Hand Pallet Truck with Scale


      Pramac Lifter Scale Trucks are equipped with a functional and precise weighing device with several operating options, suitable for lifting heavy loads.

      Ideal for moving loads rapidly and safely over long distances. Structural solidity and quality of components makes the Electric pallet trucks applicable for all warehouse and shift types.

      Features & Benefits


      • Load Capacity: 2000-2500 kg
      • Lifting Height: 115 mm
      • Fork Length: 1185 mm


      • The Scale Series is available in two different models, both with an intelligent weighing device with several options.
      • Suitable for lifting and carrying heavy loads.     
      • The central display allows a quick and simple reading of the carried weight Its software allows not only weighing but also unit counting, adding and totalling of multiple loads, with serial number that can be stored within its memory.

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