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      Silla Four Wheel Drive Dumper Sprayer


      The Silla Dumper Sprayer is perfect for use in agriculture and farming industries. Made in Italy, the Dumper Sprayer is a 4 Wheel Drive Dumper with Tank and Turbomatic Sprayer which pumps up to 120 litres per minute. The Dumper Spray runs on a Hatz Diesel Auxiliary Engine with Electric Start and is fitted with two 13 mm inside diameter Hoses, Hose Reels and two Sprayers.



      Dumper Specs

      Skip Capacity – Struck

      1200 litres

      Skip Capacity – Heaped

      1500 litres

      Max Payload

      3000 kg

      Sprayer (Turbomatic) Specs

      Pump Output

      120 litres / minute

      Discharge Pressure

      50 atm

      Tank Capacity

      2000 litres


      Features & Benefits


      • 4X4 Two Seater Dumper Vehicle
      • Two sets of Hose Reels with Hose and Sprayers
      • 2000 Litre Tank

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