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      Pramac Lifter Electric Stackers


      Pramac Lifter Electric Stackers are strong and reliable products, bridging the gap between light duty and heavy duty material handling operations. Due to durability and low maintenance costs they are suitable for environments such as logistics centres, terminals, and production and manufacturing areas. The new tiller arm is equipped with fork lifting and lowering proportional control which improves user-friendliness and manoeuvrability of the trunk.

      Apart from the high capacity characteristics, the “initial lifting” models also offer the possibility to lift legs, hence facilitating the overcoming of ramps and knick points. These models can also be used for the simultaneous transport of 2 pallets: one with the forks and one with the clamps.

      Features & Benefits


      • Load Capacity: 1000 to 1600 kg
      • Lifting Height: 2810 to 4910 mm
      • Fork Length: 1150 mm
      • Carter internal features.
      • Total width reduction.
      • Improved tiller and Mast.

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