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      Chicago Pneumatic Portable Electric Compressor CPS450E


      The Chicago Pneumatic CPS 350E is a portable electric air compressor, powered by a 75KW Chicago Pneumatic Motor. The unit consists of a high-efficiency multi-step fuel filtration with water separator enclosed within a galvanized, powder coated canopy. Special attention has been given to the overall product quality with user friendly instrument panel with mechanical controls.

      Features & Benefits


      • Large cooling surface for optimal use in high temperature environments    
      • Starter cubicle with Star-Delta starter and terminal board for low starting currents and easy power connection
      • Robust single or double axel undercarriage   
      • Galvanized, powder coated canopy
      • Large built-in receiver for stable air pressure
      • High efficient electric motor
      • High-efficiency air filter
      • Low noise level


      • After cooler and water separator  
      • Heavy duty air intake filter for compressor and diesel engine    
      • Full ASME approval   
      • Synthetic oils for better lubrication and cooling characteristics when operating in high ambient conditions
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