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      Doosan Electric Forklift (2.0TON~3.5TON) - 4 Wheels


      B20-B35X series of electric counterbalance forklift trucks, continue to follow the core Doosan tradition of delivering simple, powerful performance, whilst most of all, delivering the best possible value for our customers. The specially designed ergonomic operator compartment keeps the operator in complete control at all times, improving productivity and reducing stress and fatigue. The new cell offers improved visibility and the latest design in ergonomic hydraulic controls. Thanks to an improved durable design and an additional stability system, Doosan’s new X-Series electric tricks exceed the highest demands for safe operation. Extended maintenance intervals and advanced technology components reduce the overall cost of maintenance. The latest AC control systems provide an unbeatable combination of power, performance and reliability. Each parameter is fully adjustable to perfectly match every customer’s individual requirement, providing maximum control and accuracy for every function.

      Features & Benefits


      • Trendy Design of Chassis. Symbolic Color Blending of Doosan Orange and Dark Gray
      • Spacious Leg Room and Optimized Combination of Pedal Location and Seat Adjustment
      • Convenience Tray (Large Cup Holder, Clipboard, USB Port & 12V Power Jack)
      • Easy Adjustable Steering Column and Seat Position
      • Easy Monitoring of Vehicle Condition on Instrument Panel
      • Easy Grip Hydraulic Control Lever with Forward/ Reverse Direction Change Switch
      • Easy Entry & Exit (Grip Bar & Large Entry Step Plate with Anti-Slip Pattern)
      • Stable & Intelligent Curtis Controller
      • GSS(Guardian Stability System), Safety & Stability System during Operation
      • Flexible Performance Parameter Setting and Monitoring on Instrument Panel or Service Tool
      • Easy Removable Side Covers with Air Ventilation
      • Maximum Steer Axle Angle
      • IP65 rated Curtis Controller & IP43 rated Enclosed Type Motor for Outdoor Use
      • Virtually Free Maintenance Oil-cooled Disc Brakes (ODB) and other valuable options.


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