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      Doosan Diesel Forklift (11.0TON~16.0TON)


      D110-D160 series are designed for a broad spectrum of heavy applications in manufacturing, warehousing, outdoor storage and distribution.The series offer outstanding performance level including durability and reliability. The robust build has been retained, and operator comfort levels have been maintained as high design priorities. These hard-working engine powered forklifts will meet the toughest challenges that customers throw at them including ramps, grades and rough underfoot conditions. Whether loading stacks, packing racks or stuffing trucks, they are guaranteed to impress both operators and operation’s personnel with its power, performance and productivity.

      Features & Benefits


      • High powered and fuel efficient Diesel
      • Virtually maintenance-free oil-cooled disc brakes
      • 3 Speed autoshift Transmission
      • Pilot actuated hydraulic Control valve and levers
      • Enhanced maintenance and Serviceability
      • Optimized Operator Comfort and Safety
        * Zeus Cabin (Optional) : This option provides to operator not only the great
      • Comfort but also highest productivity with ergonomically design features.
      • OSS(Operator Sensing System)
        • No truck moving with an operator’s absence on driver seat
        • Hydraulic lifting and lowering
        • Parking Brake warning
        • Seat Belt Indicator


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