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      Chicago Pneumatich Diesel Compressor CPS830


      The CPS 830 portable air compressor has variable flow and pressure control. Powered by a Cummins engine, it has a operational weight of 3,5 tons (with undercarriage). Nominal Working Pressure bar (psi) is 8.6 (125).

      Large easy to open doors provide quick access to the machine’s components, the company says, including the air end, engine and electrical components. The compressor has 100 percent fluid containment that is plumbed to the outside.

      Features & Benefits


      • High-efficiency multi-step fuel filtration with water separator  
      • High – efficiency air filter   
      • User-friendly instrument panel with mechanical controls 
      • Galvanized, powder coated canopy    
      • Large cooling surface for optimal use in high temperature environments    
      • Robust single or double axel undercarriage   
      • Superior Engine
      • Latest screw element technology with asymmetric rotors          
      • Low noise level           
      • Fuel autonomy: No need to refuel during a work shift, even when running non-stop at full -load
      •  Fully automatic step-less speed regulator that adapts engine speed to air demand 
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