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      Mecalac Backhoe Loader


      The TLB870 backhoe loader is the ideal choice for your backhoe fleet requirements, the TLB870 is our entry-level backhoe loader and offers ease of use whether excavating, rehandling, transporting material or driving between sites. The 55kw (74hp) Stage IIIB (Tier 4 final) engine  meets emissions regulations without the use of DPF's or AdBlue, For non compliant regions a 70kw Stage IIIA (Tier 3) engine, both engines offer smooth power delivery and efficient operation. An intelligent and efficient 'inloader' hydraulic system provides automatic control of the tandem gear pump to provide improvements in fuel efficiency and control. Best in class excavator dig depth, reach and dipper tear out create an incredibly capable machine.


      Mecalac Backhoe Loader




      Total operating weight (kg)


      Engine Power (kW/hp)

      70 / 94 (Stage IIIA)

      Lift capacity @ Max Height (kg)


      Lift height / Loader (mm) 3509
      Max. reach(mm) 6995

      Max. depth (mm)



      Features & Benefits

      Features :

      • High ground clearance to suit tough terrain
      • Excellent operator visibility
      • Ergonomically-designed controls
      • Easy maintenance access
      • Tandem gear pumps and closed-loop hydraulics for more power
      • Excellent lift capacity and bucket breakout force


      • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – the strong loader has excellent Lift Capacity and Bucket Breakout Force
      • IMPROVED MANOEUVRABILITY around the job site - exceptional ground clearance capabilities, even in soft, difficult conditions.
      • MORE CONTROLLED POWER – the tandem gear pumps and a closed centre hydraulic system help get jobs done faster.


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