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      Why work with us?

      Only our employees guarantee the development and success of our company. If you are looking to be part of a winning team then CMC is the right place for you.


      Culture and values

      We have a flat organisational structure and with this a culture of open door policy and encouraging communication at all levels. We value transparency and high ethical standards in our working relationships and respect the interests of all our stakeholders.

      Values | Passion | Respect | Integrity | Discipline | Excellence

      PRIDE means many things to us at CMC. It’s in everything we do and it shows. It’s in our proud heritage, our premium products and our ongoing support to our customers.

      Our Core Values guide the actions of our partners and employees as they strive to deliver solutions for the success of our client’s business needs.

      Current Job Vacancies

      Job Title Department Location Job Posted Job Expires Job Ref.

      Electrical Service Engineer should have:

      • Engineering degree in electrical engineering.
      • Minimum 5 years in trouble shooting similar CMC products (Generators, Concrete Batching Plant and Road Construction Machines)  .
      • Very good knowledge of English language, speaking and writing.
      • Valid UAE driving license.


      Apply for this position

      candidate pool

      Are you interested in a career at CMC but have not found the vacancy that you are looking for? Then you are always welcome to register in our candidate pool!

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